It’s been a while…

…we have not been great at the updates. Maybe it’s because nothing super exciting has happened. For this blog post I will update you as to what has been going on in the Keezer home. I’m sure you all were worried 😉

Here are 10 random things to update you:

1. We have been busy! Two kids + two jobs + household duties + guests + commitments = one busy household. I love it all and I am trying to learn balance, being intentional and some other words/character qualities (could I be more vague?).

2. Chris has signed up for his gun safety course. The hope is that he’ll be certified and packin’ by next moose season so we can fill our freezer. You can’t get any more local and organic than hunting your own moose.

3. We are experimenting with wheat/gluten in our diet again. We know it may not be the best but gluten free wasn’t working the way we had hoped. We were also starting with GAPS but…long story short…it didn’t work out. We are at a place where we are trying to balance nutrition and our budget. At the end of the day food is a means by which we nourish our bodies and we will do the best with what we are given.

4. Our two kids are such a joy! After my miscarriage I have been more thankful for the kids I currently have. I have also realized that having two is a LOT of work! For those that are curious, we don’t have plans for another baby any time soon. We are enjoying where we are right now.

5. We love Summerside! The grass is green and the beach is just down the street. I can tell we will be spending a lot of time outside (and I generally don’t outdoors).

6. Chris & I been going through Dave Ramesey’s Financial Peace course. LOVE IT!

7. Oliver is almost 18 months (on the 29th) and is talking up a storm! the way he says “I do!” makes me laugh. He also loves to read and be outside – he will try to escape if we aren’t watching.

8. Natalee will be four next month. WOW! She is the same as she was last year in a lot of ways. Kid’s don’t change a lot once they get older. She is my challenging child but also a great joy!

9. Chris loves working at Summerside Baptist with Pastor Don and all the other volunteers. He is also an amazing preacher (other say this, not just me)

10. I’ve been continuing with my business with Stella & Dot. It has been GREAT to say the least. I’ve also got one lovely lady on my team. To learn more you can check out OR email me I love to talk about it!