Hello March!

We have some big news in the Keezer home:

If you can see, it says, "We're Prego" LOL

Yes, we are expecting our THIRD child! Can you believe that? I said to Chris, “This means we’re real grown-ups now!”

I am currently 8 weeks along (according to my calculations). So far I feel great, tired, but really good! No morning sickness with this baby. We are already praying that this is a sign that baby #3 will be different than our past two fussy-colicy newborns.

We are so thankful for how God has blessed us. His timing is perfect – in all things!

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb a reward.
 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children of one’s youth. Psalm 127: 3-4


February 23rd

It’s just another Thursday! Do you ever feel like you get into a funk this time of year? I sure do!! Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church wrote a blog post on this very topic recently (you can check out the full post here: http://www.stevenfurtick.com/personal-development/fight-the-funk/). I wanted to share some of it with you as an encouragement.

Rather than succumb to our funk Pastor Steven gives four points to help shake the funk:

1. Don’t extrapolate your future based on your funk. In other words it won’t last forever, your funk is only a small part of your story.

2. Give yourself the advice you would give to someone else. Just go for a walk. Get some perspective.

3. Don’t justify your funk. It doesn’t help to wallow is self-pity

4. Work, don’t worry. Don’t wait to feel motivated. Work your butt off and the motivation will come later.

Sometimes its just a matter of getting up off of the couch and other times it’s a matter of perspective. Paul speaks of this in his letter to the Ephesians:

“You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” Ephesians 4:22-24 (NIV, emphasis mine)

Let’s shake this February Funk by being faithful to what God has called us to do today!

February Fast: Week 3

Wow! Only one more week left without Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Kijiji and alike. To be honest I am getting a little stir crazy. I actually got an email from Facebook stating I was missing some important status updates & pictures my “friends” have been posting. I do look forward to getting back into the online social world again but I’ve also been thinking about setting some limitations for myself.

Last Monday was my final JustONE virtual conference session (you can check out their videos at http://vimeo.com/user3740331). It was a conference for women in ministry and pastors wives but a lot of the topics are helpful to all Christians. One of the speakers was Laryssa Toomer (who I have never heard of until now) and she spoke about avoiding distraction so we stay focused on the task God has placed before us. I am confident that one of my biggest distractions is spending time sitting in front of my laptop!

Laryssa posed several good questions to ask yourself when you are faced with distraction; Why am I spending time on this? What am I avoiding? Am I being selfish by taking this time from someone else (i.e. spending time with my kids or husband)? Who am I trying to please? All of these questions are great for getting to the root of your distraction.

One thing I am working on is to manage my time better. Once I am back “online” I will be setting time limits and boundaries to my computer usage. I am a person who needs order & boundaries, so by setting these limitations for myself I rid my day of distraction because I know I will have time to be online (and by allotting this time when Chris is home I won’t be ignoring my kids).

It’s hard to put into one concise blog post all that I have been contemplating over the last few weeks. It has been a refreshing time away from distractions. I hope that you, too, will take inventory of your time, invest time into things that should be priority, manage your time well and examine yourself by asking the tough questions! And check out leadingandlovingit.com!!! There are so many great ministry resources out there 🙂

February Fast: Week 2

If you are just joining us at Keezer’s Couch, check out my earlier February Fast posts to catch up on my month without using social media!

This week has been very busy. I was in Nova Scotia visiting with family and friends and am now back in Summerside with Chris’ family staying with us.

Rather than spending time on the computer this is what we’ve been doing…

Baby Lilly and Uncle Keezer napping on the couch

Because of all the wonderful time I’ve spent visiting I haven’t really missed using my computer. I do find it hard to communicate sometimes without using email. I must admit I’ve been doing some emailing over the last few weeks but only if necessary.

I have been wrestling with a few questions in regards to my computer usage but that will be for another post. For now…take some time this week to enjoy the little things!

February Fast: Week 1

I know it’s a bit past the mark of week 1 but here’s my update:


The beginnings of our garden

I was grumpy! I think this was because I was faced with my reality and had no way to escape. It was a hard week but by the end of it I was able to persevere.

Once I was pro-active I was able to be encouraged by the trials that faced me. Lately I have been thinking about my method of parenting. It has been a struggle with transitions and me just not “getting in the game”. I have been very tired lately but my children still exist and I need to be involved. So, I have added another website to my “allowed” list (because it’s really an e-book). The website is http://www.raisinggodlytomatoes.com/. So far what I have read has been encouraging in my raising little ones.


One of the beans beginning to sprout.

We have started our seedlings, as of Groundhog Day. Today (Sunday) Natalee found a sprout. If you garden a bit you would probably guess it’s a bean sprout. And, yes, it is! I don’t usually plant beans indoors because they grow so fast but Natalee wanted to plant them. I’m glad we did too. It gives us hope for the rest of our plants (which are; Roma tomatoes (7), bell peppers (15), Amish Paste (roma) tomatoes (21), Sweet cherry (12), and beans (4), if you were curious) that won’t sprout for a while yet. My hope this year is to make and can tomatoes and salsa! Last years crop was whipped out by blight and I accidentally forgot to plant any peppers, just more baby tomatoes. This year I was more aware of the seeds I planted

Some other projects that I completed this week were curtains for Oliver’s room, double layering the curtains in Natalee’s room to make her room darker, and simplifying our files/cleaning off the desk – my theory is, it is easier to simplify than organize!


My clean desk, on top and inside! I used to save A LOT of paper. Now we are working on a "less-paper" system.

Overall I still need to cut out technology. I have been watching more shows (like ‘Friends’) than I have been reading or doing something productive in my spare time. In moderation I don’t mind watching sitcoms but I’ve gone through two seasons in the last week and a bit. So, unless I’m sewing, I shouldn’t have it on.

One thing I’ve been thinking about on my fast is that EVERYTHING involves technology these days! It is hard to communicate without it! So I’m working on my “mission statement” with regards to how I use social media and other connective tools. Like I said before, technology is not bad but it’s how we use it that can be harmful to us.

So here is my big question:

How do you use texting, Facebook, twitter, pinetrest and other online tools that are enjoyable and in moderation so that they don’t consume your entire life?

February Fast: Confessions of a Social Media Junkie

I have decided that for the month of February I will be fasting from all technology! I have attempted this in the past by having Chris change my Facebook password. That worked well for 2-3 weeks. Then one night Chris was out and I needed to check something. So, I clicked “forgot my password” and changed it back. Since then I have been WORSE with social media – I now have a Twitter account – and Chris says I am addicted to kijiji. Also, Pinetrest has been a vortex for me the past few days.

“So, why are you fasting from technology?” You may ask…

Fasting is something we, in our home, try to practice regularly. A fast is removing something that is in the way of truly focusing on God. God has purposed me, at this time in my life, to be a loving wife and mother and  social tools, blogs and websites have robbed me of many hours, wasted in front of a screen not fulfilling my God-given purpose.

I have even had “addictive” symptoms over the last few months; cravings, obsessive behaviour (always checking email or Facebook even though nothing has changed), compulsively engaging (Facebook or kijiji are the two most frequent sites on my history), “blackout” (loosing track of time on the computer, one time I forgot to make supper!), and the big one: DENIAL!!

Social networking is NOT bad. It is how we use it that can be unhealthy. So for this month I will be fasting from Technology!

“But Beckie, how will we get a hold of you?” Well I have one day left on Facebook so message me and you can have my phone number and mailing address. I’d LOVE to hear from you all the “old fashioned” way!

Here are my rules this month:
1. I will shut down my laptop. Actually turn it off and put it in the closet.
2. Chris will be allowed to check my email for anything urgent and respond on my behalf.
3. Natalee will still be able to use the iPad to watch shows (once in a while) but I will encourage reading and other play.
4. I will be able to watch my “Just ONE: Online Conference” the next two weeks because I have committed to it and I don’t believe that investing in being a woman in ministry hinders my relationship with God.
5. I often listen to sermons during the week so the ONLY websites I can visit on the iPad will be: Mars Hill Church, Elevation Church & my Holly Furtick blog ( these are all apart of my daily encouragement). And Chris will be checking the history!

This month I don’t want to be thinking of everything I will be missing – I know there will be some withdrawal symptoms – but rather I want to see how much time I waste on immediate things and begin a journey of focusing on the precious eternal things!

Since we have wanted to become more regular with our blog posts Chris will be taking on this responsibility this month. I will be journalling my journey and may submit some entries to him to post publicly about my fast.

I hope that if you struggle with this too that you would consider a fast. There are lots of verses in the Bible to consider about fasting. I would encourage you to look into it. Maybe social networking isn’t your vice but something else is hindering your daily devotion to Jesus. Ask God to search your heart (Psalm 139:23-24) and point out where you need to surrender.