My Garden: New Layout

Spring is really here! The last of the snow on our front yard finally melted. I may have taken a hoe to the snow mound while drivers-by gave bewildered stares. I believe it was therapeutic after the winter we had (did anyone else get a weekly 20cm dump of snow from December to April?).

Over the last week I’ve built new garden beds and raked the lawn to encourage the grass to grow. The grass is already greener in some spots. I also planted a few more seeds. Some of the last batch didn’t take. In the newly planted egg carton cucumbers are already sprouting. This is my first attempt starting from seed. We may be a bit behind on growing but I’m hopeful.

The plan this week is to get compost and mulch to fill in the beds and make a pathway for walking between. The garden centres are preparing to open this weekend and you can guarantee I will be there! There is also a farm that delivers by the scoop and a decent price. Playing in the dirt is still fun as an adult!

All seven garden beds. Four 4×4 beds to grow our main veggies, strawberries, gourds, and herbs. Two 2×3 for the kids and one to house our existing rhubarb.

The four main vegetable beds. The bottom left has garlic growing in it.


What has the Spring been like for your area? Do you have any garden plans in the works?


My Garden

So…the snow is FINALLY melting. I’ve been planing a garden since February just to keep my spirits up. There is finally hope!

My plan for the 2014 growing season is to expand on things I’ve done before and to try some new things. I want to increase my cucumber and tomato production to finally be able to can pickles and salsa. I also am trying out pumpkins and melons (two varieties). That’s just for fun!

I peeked at the garlic I planted in the Fall. Nothing yet (obviously because the ground is still frozen) but I was being hopeful. But we do have some seedlings that are growing! Not as many as I need so I’m planting another round this week.


This was our garden plan from last year. I’ll be redoing the beds before I plant to get better sun exposure and make it look prettier.

So far I have 2 tomato, 1 pepper, several kale, a lot of onion, many spinach and a bagillion lettuce seedlings. I’ll need more tomatoes, peppers, and to actually grow some cucumbers, pumpkin, and melons. I have plans for beans, peas, herbs and carrots but I will sow those directly into the garden beds.


A picture of the seedlings two weeks ago during a 40cm dump of snow – my only hope of spring

My plan is to use the “Square Foot Gardening” method. If you’ve never checked it out you can watch this. I love the compact nature and simplicity of this method.

My unruly seedlings tonight. I think they are in the awkward adolescent phase and need some watering.

Well, that’s it for now. I can’t wait to get out and start moving dirt! Once the snow has cleared enough I’ll be assembling our compost “bin”. Heck, I might just move the snow myself.

Do you have any gardening plans for this growing season?

KRAZY Keezers!!

If you have spoken to us, gotten a letter in the mail, follow either of us on twitter or Facebook or read on our blog, you would know that we are heading to Stillwater, Oklahoma USA. We are trying to make this known to everyone we come in contact with because WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Chris has been accepted by into their LeadershipXP apprenticeship program (read more @ This is an amazing opportunity for Chris (and our family) to see how a church of 20,000+ (the campus we will be at averages 3,000 on a Sunday morning) reaches people for Christ! Unfortunately the apprenticeship is unpaid. This is why we need YOU!

So far we have raised enough to drive down there (a four day trip with two kids under 3…KRAZY! I know!) and to pay the fee to cover the costs of the program. A BIG THANK YOU to all that have supported us so far. NOW, we need YOUR monthly support to be able to live in the states (since we aren’t able to work there anyway). This support would pay for food, rent, gas for the car, diapers and the basics of everyday living. You won’t be supporting us to have a luxurious lifestyle, just the basic needs to get by day to day.

All we are asking is for 100 people to set aside $25 per month.  This is less than your daily Tim’s coffee and it would only be from September until May (9 months). We have already sent out 200 support letters to everyone we know (I thought I knew more people but it was hard to even find that many) and many other emails. If you took the time to read this blog, please take the time to think about supporting us! Sleep on it. Pray about it. And then…

Send post dated cheques to the Attn: The Financial Secretary, New Minas Baptist Church (With a cheque note for Chris Keezer, Leadership XP) 9453 Commercial Street, New Minas, NS B4N 3G3. By making cheques out to the church you are able to receive a TAX RECEIPT for your charitable donation. We are shipping out the 29th of August and are hoping to have our financial support settled, however it is never too late to give even thought the sooner we know the support is coming the better.

We are so excited for what God is going to do, how He is going to stretch and grow us in Stillwater.  It is wonderful to see how God has already made miracles happen for us to get this far. The question for us through this whole process has been what does it mean for us to step out for God and pursue wholeheartedly the call He has placed on us. While hearing God’s word thorough in the BOLD series we are praying for the Boldness to step out in faith knowing that no matter what comes all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes (Rom 8:28). We love God and we are pursuing His call. Our hope is that we bring Glory to Him as we go, learn, grow, and serve.

We will be updating our blog (as much as possible) on our road trip to Stillwater and for the duration of our time there. Please keep in touch! Also, if you have ANY questions don’t hesitate to contact us: or

Our sponsorship letter is attached HERE!