My Garden: New Layout

Spring is really here! The last of the snow on our front yard finally melted. I may have taken a hoe to the snow mound while drivers-by gave bewildered stares. I believe it was therapeutic after the winter we had (did anyone else get a weekly 20cm dump of snow from December to April?).

Over the last week I’ve built new garden beds and raked the lawn to encourage the grass to grow. The grass is already greener in some spots. I also planted a few more seeds. Some of the last batch didn’t take. In the newly planted egg carton cucumbers are already sprouting. This is my first attempt starting from seed. We may be a bit behind on growing but I’m hopeful.

The plan this week is to get compost and mulch to fill in the beds and make a pathway for walking between. The garden centres are preparing to open this weekend and you can guarantee I will be there! There is also a farm that delivers by the scoop and a decent price. Playing in the dirt is still fun as an adult!

All seven garden beds. Four 4×4 beds to grow our main veggies, strawberries, gourds, and herbs. Two 2×3 for the kids and one to house our existing rhubarb.

The four main vegetable beds. The bottom left has garlic growing in it.


What has the Spring been like for your area? Do you have any garden plans in the works?


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