My Garden

So…the snow is FINALLY melting. I’ve been planing a garden since February just to keep my spirits up. There is finally hope!

My plan for the 2014 growing season is to expand on things I’ve done before and to try some new things. I want to increase my cucumber and tomato production to finally be able to can pickles and salsa. I also am trying out pumpkins and melons (two varieties). That’s just for fun!

I peeked at the garlic I planted in the Fall. Nothing yet (obviously because the ground is still frozen) but I was being hopeful. But we do have some seedlings that are growing! Not as many as I need so I’m planting another round this week.


This was our garden plan from last year. I’ll be redoing the beds before I plant to get better sun exposure and make it look prettier.

So far I have 2 tomato, 1 pepper, several kale, a lot of onion, many spinach and a bagillion lettuce seedlings. I’ll need more tomatoes, peppers, and to actually grow some cucumbers, pumpkin, and melons. I have plans for beans, peas, herbs and carrots but I will sow those directly into the garden beds.


A picture of the seedlings two weeks ago during a 40cm dump of snow – my only hope of spring

My plan is to use the “Square Foot Gardening” method. If you’ve never checked it out you can watch this. I love the compact nature and simplicity of this method.

My unruly seedlings tonight. I think they are in the awkward adolescent phase and need some watering.

Well, that’s it for now. I can’t wait to get out and start moving dirt! Once the snow has cleared enough I’ll be assembling our compost “bin”. Heck, I might just move the snow myself.

Do you have any gardening plans for this growing season?


One thought on “My Garden

  1. I’ve got Tomato, cucumber, bean’s and corn (just for fun) seedlings on the go. Our backyard is really small so our garden will be limited but I thought I’d give it a try anyway. I’ve also got a great salsa recipe that I used last fall if your interested.

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