A Family Weekend

This weekend has been full of blessings. Yesterday Chris took the morning to clean the house for me and he cooked some meals for the freezer. In the evening ladies from the church threw us a baby shower. Natalee and I enjoyed games, treats, and opening lovely gifts for the baby (the homemade things were some of my favourites). Many people from the church pooled to buy us a new car seat too! We are so grateful for the generosity of the people around us!!

Today Chris spent the morning making a huge batch of delicious waffles to freeze. We did get to enjoy them for breakfast too. Then we took a family drive to Cavendish beach. It was SO cold we decided to eat our picnic in the car and only walked the beach for 15 minutes – there are no pictures because we were all stiff from the cold & shivering.

We are now baby ready – or as ready as you can really be. Now it’s just a waiting game.







One thought on “A Family Weekend

  1. Beckie you are always so beautiful, even at 9 mos pregnant. Anxiously waiting to hear from Chris and we’ll be over as soon as you are up to company.

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