A Busy, Blessed Weekend

Over the last few weeks I’ve drafted up a few blog posts. Because of the long winters we have I can get grumpy and have a tendency to whine. So, needless to say, I’ve opted to post nothing. Like the old adage, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”

This year my focus has been thankfulness. We are facing several trials in our life but through it all God is faithful and blesses us greatly. This weekend was an example of that. We were able to spend some time in Charlottetown and do a bit of shopping. Natalee also participated in a Fashion Show Fund Raiser for the IWK (children’s hospital in our area). She’s a natural model!

My favourite part of this weekend was letting each child pick a toy at the toy store – within a price limit. We did have some tears due to difficulty of making a decision but it was fun to spoil the kids a bit. We also had supper at a restaurant which is a nice break for me. Overall, I love spending time with my family!

Here are a few photos we took over the weekend:




Chris’ sermon prep (the kids’ puppies were snuggling him)


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