Why We Eat Local

TUESDAY is my FAVOURITE day of the week! We support a local farmer through their Veggie and Meat Box program (also called a CSA – Community Supported Agriculture). We get a veggie box weekly for $25 and a meat box for $50 (we order our meat box twice a month to fit our families needs). It is a GREAT value for locally grown/raised food! I still use the local Farmers Market grocery store to fill in the blanks but I base my meal plans around the meat and veggies we get in these boxes.

I have been learning more and more about the importance of eating local. Did you know that your body runs more efficiently when you eat the food that grows naturally in your climate? We live in different climates and those climates produce the foods that our bodies need to sustain itself (hello, heavy stew, with potatoes, in the cold PEI winters).

I have found that eating this kind of food fills our tummies better AND helps save in our food budget. This is why we support local! The foods that are closest to you are more dense in nutrients because they didn’t travel across the country/continent – the veggies in our box were picked a few days before we receive it. Also, in one month we pay around $200 (4 veggie & 2 meat boxes) to enjoy this delicious, real food! That’s about 1/3 of my grocery budget and it feeds us well!

Our $25 veggie box this week: zucchini, lettuce, kale, sugar snap peas, green beans, 2 cucumbers, beets, carrots, cabbage, broccoli and 1 dozen eggs

Not only is it nutritionally good for us but it is also good for the local economy. Your farmers work HARD! You should get to know them, try their food, and then thank them for it! It is also good to know your farmers so you can learn where your food comes from and what is in it. Knowing what you are eating is half the battle to eating healthier!

Our $50 meat box this week: natural bacon, 2 packages of sausage, 2 packages of pork chops, 12 hamburger patties, and half a chicken cut up. All from naturally raised & healthy animals!

Side Note: One of my personal convictions as of late is that we, especially as Christians, do not encourage one another enough. God calls us to encourage one another daily (Hebrews 3:13)

Our kids devouring the sugar snap peas

If you are interested in getting involved with this veggie/meat box program check out our farmers here! If you don’t live in Summerside PEI you should check out your own local farmers. A good way to start is head to your towns Farmer’s Market.

How do you support local?


4 thoughts on “Why We Eat Local

  1. I support local through my CSA. I also try to only visit local independent restaurants, movie theaters, stores, etc… I don’t do it always but I try to do it first.

    • We choose to follow an 80/20 standard in our home: 80% of the time we eat well, support local, & cook at home and 20% of the time we indulge and enjoy ourselves – in moderation, of course! I whole-heartedly believe that we do our best to be intentional about our purchases and food choices but we don’t need to be perfect.

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