August 13th

We are mid-way through August…can you believe that? So far it has been a BUSY yet wonderful summer. To catch you up here are a few photos on what we’ve been doing.

Picking strawberries at Rennie’s U-Pick. We picked enough to freeze and enjoy through the winter.Image

Eating Ice Cream after soccer.Image

Watching the Lobster Carnival parade with friends (which we got a free 5Lb bag of mussels out of!)Image

Growing tomatoes & enjoying the hot outdoors.Image

Spending time at Cousin Bob’s place. We were dog-sitting at one of the most beautiful homes in the countryside of PEI. We were right on the ocean. On our walk the kids wanted to throw rocks in the bay. How serene. Image

It’s been a lovely summer and we have a few items left on our to-do list for the summer (Avonlea Village, Magic Mountain, and hopefully camping). Thankfully we have a few weeks left to fit in these activities.


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