Happy 4th Birthday Natalee: I have a 4 year old??

Isn’t she breathtaking?

I love celebrating birthdays! I try to make them similar to Christmas for the individual we are celebrating. Lots of yummy food (picked by the birthday girl/boy), a relaxed day, and time spent as a family. I think it’s important to remember how each of our children (and my spouse for that matter) are an important member of our family and celebrate the blessing they are to us.

I made a massive post for Oliver’s birthday and I may do the same for Natalee today. I love my kids dearly. I can’t believe how God has blessed us

Natalee and her friend Molly who came for a “pre-birthday sleepover” last weekend

with these little ones and the way he uses them to teach us. Some days the “lessons” get overwhelming so I like to have one day (or a couple days) a year where I can celebrate them as individuals.

If I am really honest, Natalee is my “difficult” child. As she gets older she gets more determined in her decisions so it is harder to find reasons to be thankful for her some days. But when I stop and think of it there are lots!

Here are just a few. I am thankful for Natalee because…

1. She was a surprise blessing and God gave her to us at the right time.

2. She loves to dress up like a princess and “be pretty” – which at this stage means

This is what happens when Natalee gets the camera!

trying out mommy’s makeup and painting her nails. She is a girly-girl and I love it.

3. She is independent. She can dress herself (and chooses to often), brush her teeth and on occasion zip her own zippers. Because she is so efficient she takes the time to help her brother.

4. She has empathy for others who are hurting. I’ll explain this one: when she sees someone in a wheelchair, using a cane, in a cast, or today, someone with an eyepatch, she wants to know what is wrong. There’s not much she could do for the person but you can see her compassion.

Birthday breakfast – homemade Cinnabons

5. She likes to spend time with me; baking, reading; playing catch; you name it.

6. She can be a complete goofball when she wants to. She’ll break out in these funny song & dance combos. Her specialty is singing her version of “worship” music that sound blasphemous an somewhat heretical. That’s my little pastors daughter!

7. She just learned to stop by using the breaks on her bike petals. This may seem silly but its a BIG deal. She has had this bike for a year (she got it at her 3rd birthday party) and it has been a battle to try to teach her how to break. We haven’t been able to take her biking on our walks because when she would start going fast she would freak out and crash – one time she almost flew off her bike and into some rocks on the edge of the ocean. She is a child that has to learn it on her own (she will be an interesting child to homeschool). This week she got it! And has done it again and again 🙂

Some daddy time!

8. Natalee loves water! I love this about her because I don’t enjoy water and I hate getting wet. She’s a brave girl.

9. She’s daddy’s little girl. I love the relationship she has with her daddy. Chris has so much more patience and understanding with her than I do.

Today we have been enjoying Natalee. We have enough treats and sweet things in our home right now to severely harm a diabetic but it’s only for the weekend. I love to spoil my kids rotten every once and a while to show them that we love them and do like to give them good gifts – contrary to their opinion of us mean parents lol.

How do you celebrate the ones you love?


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