Spring Cleaning: Living Room & Back Hall

So…it’s been a while. But we are back with a fun and exciting (note sarcasm) new theme of blog posts. SPRING CLEANING!!! lol

I found a blog this week (Thank you Rikki) that has a week of focused spring cleaning called Clean Sweep 2012 (http://www.oursimplecountrylife.com/). Since it is supposed to rain all week I will make the most of being indoors. Today I tackled my living room and back hall.

This week my husband (who is a Pastor) preaches. I always find the week before he speaks Satan roaring around our home. Today spring cleaning has helped work out my frustrations. They are not all gone but I have a week of cleaning still to do 🙂

Here are the before photos:





And here is after…

I was even able to enjoy the clean, finger print free windows for about 10 minutes after the photos were taken! I’m glad to have these high-tradffic areas clean and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week…stay tuned!


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