Monday Morning Commentary

I love Easter time! I always forget when Palm Sunday and Easter fall – it’s hard to keep track because it changes every year – however this year I’m semi-prepared.

This week was not my husbands turn to preach. He will be preaching Good Friday. I am alway glad to listen to Pastor Don (our Senior Pastor) share from God’s word. This week he used the traditional Palm Sunday passage from Matthew 21. Pastor Don took the perspective of three peoples who underestimated who Jesus was and how we can do the same.

1. The Romans underestimated Jesus because he was just a poor man riding a donkey. They saw a “peasant parade” and thought it was nothing. Their pride blinded them from seeing Jesus, God’s son.

2. The Jewish Religious Leaders hated Jesus because he took their “fame”. Because of their jealousy they called him a blasphemer rather than looking to the scriptures and seeing the Son of man. “Envy sees through jaundiced eyes” was a quote Pastor Don used.

3. The Masses were excited by the miracles Jesus preformed and the teachings he gave. Many of them enjoyed this for a day but they didn’t take time each day to apply Jesus’ teachings and develop a heart relationship. They were too busy for Jesus.

Pastor Don challenged us to look at these three peoples and see where we fall; prideful, living in sin or too busy. We all need to examine our hearts, repent and see Jesus for who he really is. God’s son sent to earth to die for our sins and give us eternal life.

I hope that you have a wonderful Easter week. Remember your redeemer and enjoy your family!


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