February Fast: Final Day

I cannot wait for February to be over! Not just so I can get back online, but because of my February Funk (see earlier post). Doesn’t February seem like the longest month, even though it’s really the shortest? Thankfully here in Summerside we get lots of sun. It helps! But I am looking forward for some PEI beach weather.

Well, even though it has been a long month, it has been a refreshing one. I am so glad that I took the time to reorganize my priorities. I am thankful that February has been void of major distractions. This break has allowed me to evaluate how I use my time each day, wisely and unwisely, so that I change the unwise decisions and improve on the wise ones.

I have been using the word ‘intentional’ a lot lately. I am trying to be intentional with my parenting, marriage and especially in my faith. I know that this month has technically been about abstaining from my laptop but I have recognized other areas of my life that also need a ‘tune-up’. It’s funny how in the beginning I thought this journey was about me using Facebook too much but Facebook was just the distraction stopping me from working on other things. It just goes to show the issue is never the issue!

As of tomorrow I am allowed to go back to my internet surfing, however, I don’t want to fall back into bad habits. Several of my friends, that I’ve chatted with recently, set times where they are not allowed to check Facebook, or turn of their computer so that they can be fully engaged with their kids. My plan is to save my “surfing time” for when Chris is home and limit myself to one hour of “unproductive surfing” (i.e. Facebook, Kijiji, pinterest etc.) per day. Hopefully this will keep me from mindlessly viewing peoples profiles.

I am so excited to reconnect with some of my friends (and when I say friends I mean real friends I keep in touch with) from away. I’ve missed seeing how my Vally peeps have been doing.

All that being said, I hope that you can take time to be intentional about whatever you do!

See you soon!


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