Monday Morning Commentary

A website that I frequent is the blog of Holly Furtick, wife of Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation church (you can check it out yourself at Every Monday morning she posts a commentary on her husbands sermon. Once a month my husband, Chris, has the privilege of preaching God’s word to our church family. Yesterday was his Sunday to preach. So, today I will do my own “Monday Morning Commentary” on my husbands sermon.

I love to hear my husband preach! He really has been gifted by God in this area. If you know my husband well you know that he is fairly mellow in personality but if you put him behind a pulpit all of his passion comes out. He is so passionate to share the word of God with others!

Chris is very intense with his study of God’s word and has a lot packed into a twenty minute sermon. That being said, if my notes don’t make sense you’ll just have to come out to Summerside Baptist Church when Chris is preaching (the last Sunday of every month) and take your own notes 🙂

The Title of Chris’ message was “For the Honour”, with his key scripture verse being Romans 13:7. Sometimes we, as Christians, forget what honour is. My husband posed the question, what does it mean to honour? Some of the words Chris shared to describe honour were, to esteem; respect; defer to; revere; worship; or adore.
– We looked at Mark 10:18 and Romans 1:21. These scriptures show us that we are not worthy of honour, even if we think we are good. ONLY God is good.
– However, we are given a place of honour because of Jesus (Romans 3:23; Romans 5:8).
– We need to choose to honour God with our speech, actions and interactions with the world (through our marriages, work, sleep, money, time etc)
– God is passionate for His glory and our good
– All creation will recognize it’s creator if we don’t. We need to be at the forefront of giving honour to God. (Chris joked, “Don’t wait until the maple tree on your front lawn is clapping it’s hands and worshiping God.”)
– God seeks his honour – Isaiah 48:11 – because he alone is worthy of praise
– What you fail to honour will eventually leave your life. We need to remember to thank and honour God for our yesterdays to allow him to continue to work in our tomorrows.
– My husband shared the story of Moses and quoted Numbers 20:12. In this section of scripture God tells Moses he is not allowed to enter the Promised Land of the Israelites because he dishonoured God. Chris challenged us by asking, what opportunities has God placed in your life that may slip through your hands because we were dishonouring to God?
– Then my husband talked about obeying God’s commandments from the heart, using Isaiah 29:13 as his example scripture verse.
– My husband often uses the example that we tend to think of God like this, “I will obey SO THAT God will love me” rather we need to think; “God loves me! Because of this truth I choose to obey.”
– Chris finished the sermon by reading Malachi 1:6-2:2 (key verse being Mal 2:2) and challenged us by saying, “It is time that we claim who God is and give him the honour!”
– He closed with reading lyrics from the song “For the Honour” by the Elevation Worship band.

I want to encourage those that regularly attend church to bring along your Bible and a notebook. Being prepared to hear a word from God opens our hearts to receive a word from God!


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