February Fast: Week 3

Wow! Only one more week left without Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Kijiji and alike. To be honest I am getting a little stir crazy. I actually got an email from Facebook stating I was missing some important status updates & pictures my “friends” have been posting. I do look forward to getting back into the online social world again but I’ve also been thinking about setting some limitations for myself.

Last Monday was my final JustONE virtual conference session (you can check out their videos at http://vimeo.com/user3740331). It was a conference for women in ministry and pastors wives but a lot of the topics are helpful to all Christians. One of the speakers was Laryssa Toomer (who I have never heard of until now) and she spoke about avoiding distraction so we stay focused on the task God has placed before us. I am confident that one of my biggest distractions is spending time sitting in front of my laptop!

Laryssa posed several good questions to ask yourself when you are faced with distraction; Why am I spending time on this? What am I avoiding? Am I being selfish by taking this time from someone else (i.e. spending time with my kids or husband)? Who am I trying to please? All of these questions are great for getting to the root of your distraction.

One thing I am working on is to manage my time better. Once I am back “online” I will be setting time limits and boundaries to my computer usage. I am a person who needs order & boundaries, so by setting these limitations for myself I rid my day of distraction because I know I will have time to be online (and by allotting this time when Chris is home I won’t be ignoring my kids).

It’s hard to put into one concise blog post all that I have been contemplating over the last few weeks. It has been a refreshing time away from distractions. I hope that you, too, will take inventory of your time, invest time into things that should be priority, manage your time well and examine yourself by asking the tough questions! And check out leadingandlovingit.com!!! There are so many great ministry resources out there 🙂


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