February Fast: Week 2

If you are just joining us at Keezer’s Couch, check out my earlier February Fast posts to catch up on my month without using social media!

This week has been very busy. I was in Nova Scotia visiting with family and friends and am now back in Summerside with Chris’ family staying with us.

Rather than spending time on the computer this is what we’ve been doing…

Baby Lilly and Uncle Keezer napping on the couch

Because of all the wonderful time I’ve spent visiting I haven’t really missed using my computer. I do find it hard to communicate sometimes without using email. I must admit I’ve been doing some emailing over the last few weeks but only if necessary.

I have been wrestling with a few questions in regards to my computer usage but that will be for another post. For now…take some time this week to enjoy the little things!


2 thoughts on “February Fast: Week 2

  1. You were home! 😦 I’m sad I missed you, I hope all is well and give you credit for your strength in doing this! Technology is addictive and consuming, so I understand! I hope all is well loves ❤
    Take Care

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