February Fast: Week 1

I know it’s a bit past the mark of week 1 but here’s my update:


The beginnings of our garden

I was grumpy! I think this was because I was faced with my reality and had no way to escape. It was a hard week but by the end of it I was able to persevere.

Once I was pro-active I was able to be encouraged by the trials that faced me. Lately I have been thinking about my method of parenting. It has been a struggle with transitions and me just not “getting in the game”. I have been very tired lately but my children still exist and I need to be involved. So, I have added another website to my “allowed” list (because it’s really an e-book). The website is http://www.raisinggodlytomatoes.com/. So far what I have read has been encouraging in my raising little ones.


One of the beans beginning to sprout.

We have started our seedlings, as of Groundhog Day. Today (Sunday) Natalee found a sprout. If you garden a bit you would probably guess it’s a bean sprout. And, yes, it is! I don’t usually plant beans indoors because they grow so fast but Natalee wanted to plant them. I’m glad we did too. It gives us hope for the rest of our plants (which are; Roma tomatoes (7), bell peppers (15), Amish Paste (roma) tomatoes (21), Sweet cherry (12), and beans (4), if you were curious) that won’t sprout for a while yet. My hope this year is to make and can tomatoes and salsa! Last years crop was whipped out by blight and I accidentally forgot to plant any peppers, just more baby tomatoes. This year I was more aware of the seeds I planted

Some other projects that I completed this week were curtains for Oliver’s room, double layering the curtains in Natalee’s room to make her room darker, and simplifying our files/cleaning off the desk – my theory is, it is easier to simplify than organize!


My clean desk, on top and inside! I used to save A LOT of paper. Now we are working on a "less-paper" system.

Overall I still need to cut out technology. I have been watching more shows (like ‘Friends’) than I have been reading or doing something productive in my spare time. In moderation I don’t mind watching sitcoms but I’ve gone through two seasons in the last week and a bit. So, unless I’m sewing, I shouldn’t have it on.

One thing I’ve been thinking about on my fast is that EVERYTHING involves technology these days! It is hard to communicate without it! So I’m working on my “mission statement” with regards to how I use social media and other connective tools. Like I said before, technology is not bad but it’s how we use it that can be harmful to us.

So here is my big question:

How do you use texting, Facebook, twitter, pinetrest and other online tools that are enjoyable and in moderation so that they don’t consume your entire life?


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