February Fast: Confessions of a Social Media Junkie

I have decided that for the month of February I will be fasting from all technology! I have attempted this in the past by having Chris change my Facebook password. That worked well for 2-3 weeks. Then one night Chris was out and I needed to check something. So, I clicked “forgot my password” and changed it back. Since then I have been WORSE with social media – I now have a Twitter account – and Chris says I am addicted to kijiji. Also, Pinetrest has been a vortex for me the past few days.

“So, why are you fasting from technology?” You may ask…

Fasting is something we, in our home, try to practice regularly. A fast is removing something that is in the way of truly focusing on God. God has purposed me, at this time in my life, to be a loving wife and mother and  social tools, blogs and websites have robbed me of many hours, wasted in front of a screen not fulfilling my God-given purpose.

I have even had “addictive” symptoms over the last few months; cravings, obsessive behaviour (always checking email or Facebook even though nothing has changed), compulsively engaging (Facebook or kijiji are the two most frequent sites on my history), “blackout” (loosing track of time on the computer, one time I forgot to make supper!), and the big one: DENIAL!!

Social networking is NOT bad. It is how we use it that can be unhealthy. So for this month I will be fasting from Technology!

“But Beckie, how will we get a hold of you?” Well I have one day left on Facebook so message me and you can have my phone number and mailing address. I’d LOVE to hear from you all the “old fashioned” way!

Here are my rules this month:
1. I will shut down my laptop. Actually turn it off and put it in the closet.
2. Chris will be allowed to check my email for anything urgent and respond on my behalf.
3. Natalee will still be able to use the iPad to watch shows (once in a while) but I will encourage reading and other play.
4. I will be able to watch my “Just ONE: Online Conference” the next two weeks because I have committed to it and I don’t believe that investing in being a woman in ministry hinders my relationship with God.
5. I often listen to sermons during the week so the ONLY websites I can visit on the iPad will be: Mars Hill Church, Elevation Church & my Holly Furtick blog ( these are all apart of my daily encouragement). And Chris will be checking the history!

This month I don’t want to be thinking of everything I will be missing – I know there will be some withdrawal symptoms – but rather I want to see how much time I waste on immediate things and begin a journey of focusing on the precious eternal things!

Since we have wanted to become more regular with our blog posts Chris will be taking on this responsibility this month. I will be journalling my journey and may submit some entries to him to post publicly about my fast.

I hope that if you struggle with this too that you would consider a fast. There are lots of verses in the Bible to consider about fasting. I would encourage you to look into it. Maybe social networking isn’t your vice but something else is hindering your daily devotion to Jesus. Ask God to search your heart (Psalm 139:23-24) and point out where you need to surrender.



One thought on “February Fast: Confessions of a Social Media Junkie

  1. Beckie, thanks for sharing. This is definitely something that I have been struggling with for a while now and it keeps getting worse. I try not to spend some much time in front of the computer since I spend all day in front of one at work. I am going to really consider doing this. It will definitely give me more time to spend with God. It’s great to do this once in a while to get back to what’s important.
    Thanks Beckie!

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