Yellow Rubber Boots

Today the kids and I went to the Summerside Rotary Library. What a lovely library, and it is very close to our house. I drove today, thankfully – a little about that later – because it was raining. In the future I think we will walk. It seems silly to take the time to strap the kids in the van to drive, literally, 30 seconds!

A little more about my thankfulness:

It was quite an adventure to check out some books today. Natalee was wearing her cute, yellow, rubber boots so she wanted to jump in a puddle. I said, “Sure! But, don’t fall.” As soon as the words came out of my mouth she had slipped on some remaining ice in our driveway and fell in the mud. Into the house we went to get changed.

Eventually we made it to the library. I thought I was ahead of the game by bringing my licence so I could get a library card. I forgot that I had my Nova Scotia licence and did not have my current address on it. So, we went home to get something with our current address.

After an hour of falling, driving, driving back, and getting books we were finally home and cozy reading books on the couch. The moral of the story: Pray for patience and strength every morning because you never know what adventure is ahead!


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