Is It Worth The Candy?

As I’m sure everyone knows…today is Halloween.

Many parents (in our circle anyway) have the discussion, “What does your family do for Halloween?” Our children are young so we can easily say, “Nothing!” I know the day is coming where Natalee will ask, “Can we go out for Halloween.”

So this has motivated me to think about what our values are as a family. All my thinking has come to one question. What is beneficial about Halloween?

  • Kids dress up, but Natalee does that regularly so we don’t need a special day for that.
  • There is candy, but I try to limit sugar intake in our home.

And those are the only positive things I can think of. The negatives are:

  • It’s dark!
  • It’s cold!
  • I don’t feel like creating a new costume each year for each kid.
  • But most importantly…a lot of costumes are inappropriate for my children to see (too scary or too sexy).

Chris has a Reject, Redeem, Receive concept. We use this to evaluate many of the things we choose to celebrate (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving etc). I know at one time Halloween was something worth redeeming but the state it is in today we choose to Reject Halloween as a day to “celebrate”. Logically, there is nothing beneficial to gain from Halloween, in our minds.

Each person has to decide for themselves to Reject, Redeem, or Receive Halloween (or any holiday for that matter). What are you doing and WHY? This year we are choosing to enjoy a meal from a restaurant and a family game night. To us October 31st is just another day.

A good friend of ours also wrote a blog post about Halloween. I would encourage you to check out another opinion from someone we greatly respect:





2 thoughts on “Is It Worth The Candy?

  1. why not go back to the original form of halloween then? A day to remember all those that have passed and to hold a party for them so that we can have that time to remember. Its pretty much just a huge wake. The Day of the Dead in Mexico is one of the few that sticks to the original holiday. its only in north america and such that it was twisted for personal gain

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