We made it through the week!

Have you ever been in a place where you look back and wonder how you got there? Or feel that time has gone by so fast and you can’t believe where you are? That is sort of where we are at right now. This past week we have been trying to get our bearings – accepting what has happened and trying to figure out our future. We still have no clue what Gods plan is but we know it must be something BIG!

Sunday was a bitter-sweet day. We felt so, so supported by the many hugs given and tears shed for our situation. We know that we have an army behind us praying continuously. It was hard to worship for both Chris and I. We cannot deny Gods power but it’s hard to surrender all you have when you hurt so deeply.

This week we are living in survival mode. Chris is doing his best to provide for our family. He is out today, handing out resumes to every business in Kentville, New Minas and Wolfville. Hopefully we will hear something back, and soon. If anyone knows of a job opening you can give us a shout! We are also looking for a place to live, so if you hear of a 3 bedroom place with washer/dryer hookups you can pass on that info too.

As for me, I am trying to keep my cool, especially around the kids. I know that my job is to set the tone for the family, to provide security and structure. Natalee has started “preschool” at home with mommy and Oliver is back into a regular nap schedule. In the evenings I relax, even though I’m not sleeping well, so that I am rested for the next day and not short tempered. I do my best to read scripture and pray. It isn’t easy when you feel like you are in front of a brick wall.

In everything we try to find joy and praise God for his blessings. I am so thankful for this time we are able to spend as a family. Chris is such a hard worker we don’t usually get this much quality time from him. It probably won’t happen again so we will savour the moments while we have them. We are also thankful for the family and friends that have supported us over the last week. Words cannot express our gratitude!


One thought on “We made it through the week!

  1. Been There and many days feel like I still am. The scripture I keep in the forefront is Jerimiah 29:11 – I cling to it moment by moment. It is hard to see now but a day will come, you will look back and wonder did we really go through that. I have daily reminders of what I’ve gone thru, but I still look back in wonderment and see God at every step. He is there with you, Keep your heart open, don’t force and He will Take Care of You.

    Love You All!!!

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