Day 2: Recalculating

The day began well. We headed on the road with no real threat of Hurricane Irene. The kids were great in the car, Natalee entertained herself and Oliver slept. We stopped for lunch and then headed for the Houlton border.

At the border we handed our passports to the officer, he asked some questions and told us to step inside so we could describe the program and they could get more information. After three hours, our fingerprints being taken and with two very tired children we were sent back to Canada.

We did not have sufficient information from our institution nor did we have enough “ties to our Country” stating that we would return. After the encounter we drove four hours to Moncton. We spent the next 24 hours on the phone to see if there was ANY way to make it to Oklahoma, because we still believe God called us to go. We have now accepted that we are not going.

We are headed back to Kentville and will figure out what is next. We want to thank you all for your prayers and support. We are thankful that God kept our kids calm through the whole ordeal and that the officers were kind, helpful and understanding. Even though we don’t understand we trust God is still in control.


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Recalculating

  1. Wow, I am speechless! God IS in control even when it feels as though all control has been lost. You are in my prayers!

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