Day 1: Are We There Yet?

We are on our way to Stillwater. If you are wondering why please refer to some of our earlier posts. Eventually we will have this blog page organized but that may not happen until we are settled. Anyway…we drove to Moncton today. We wanted to get ahead of Hurricane Irene and see where she might be landing because our official day to head out was tomorrow (Monday) morning. So far the weather hasn’t been to bad, a bit of rain, and the road trip has been uneventful. Because of our 3 hour trip with no hiccups I thought I’d share what we packed for the journey.

Here’s an idea:
Clothing (Chris and I share a Rubbermaid tote and the kids share one), iPad (full of movies and fun new apps), toiletries, snacks, treats, toys, passports, my “mega mama” bag with anything you may ever/never need just in case, first aid kit, garbage bags, bedding, towels, bathing suits, iron, basic kitchen stuff, sewing machine, guitar, Natalee’s bike, steam mop and picnic stuff for along the way.

If you were traveling for nine months, and could only fill the back of a Dodge Grand Caravan, what (other than mentioned here) would you bring?

We will post a pic of how full our van was soon!


One thought on “Day 1: Are We There Yet?

  1. Anxiously waiting to hear how you are doing. Wish I had Brian’s phone number. Please post as soon as you can. Praying for a safe journey and stable mind 🙂

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