Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavement?

This morning I woke up to a song by Adele playing (the song being the title of this post). In the living room was my three year old, somehow playing the song from the laptop, and dressed in her own way (a dressy shirt and undies). I wish I had my camera with me!

It’s funny how that song made me think of this past week in the Keezer household. The stress of moving, all of the responsibilities for the end of the summer, Vacation Bible Camp and Oasis (Convention) left us emotionally raw. This past week has been the worst and best all in one. We were so drained (emotionally, physically and spiritually) we had no where to turn but God. In those moments Satan tried to rob us of the blessings God has for us in Oklahoma (I must say it was hard to see what blessings were ahead because of so many unknowns). We were ready to give up! Literally, send back all the cheques and lay low from embarrassment. Thankfully I have a husband who knows what to do in every situation – get on your knees and pray! He fasted and prayed until God revealed an answer and a call for our family (I should also mention that we had a wonderful friend who challenge us to seek if Oklahoma truly was God’s call, which we very much appreciate).

God gave Chris a dream! From that point on our spirits changed. An indescribable peace and calm came over us. We knew Oklahoma was what God wanted. NOW (August 27) we are 95% packed and ready to hit the road, hurricane pending. Even though we have no idea what is in store for us in Stillwater, Oklahoma, we are confident in knowing that God will be directing us. So far I am just thankful for how this journey as taught me spiritually, to lean on God and trust him wholly!

So…for all our readers…please stay tuned. We head out Monday (August 29) morning on our FOUR day trip to Stillwater OK. We hope to stop often, not only for pee breaks, but to update our blog readers (as long as wifi hotspots are available).

Also, we are still looking for sponsorship. We want to share with others the blessing and call God has laid on our hearts and we believe you can share with us through prayer support and financial giving. If you are interested please refer to our “KRAZY Keezers” post or email my husband, He will be glad to fill you in!


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