Bold Attempt!

Here is the thing about blog’s Beckie and I love the idea of it but we always agonize in some way over what it is we should post. So we figured that since the conversation ensues prior to the posting of a new blog post that we should include you all in that process, so allow me to say… your welcome.

The all consuming and pervasive thought for the both of us right now is the immanent process of moving our family to Oklahoma for the LeadershipXP program with Lifechurch. We are seeing funds come in we are most of the way there with the funds for the relocation and tuition and now we have about a third of our monthly commitments needed together. It is awesome to see God providing. Along with that is the fact that we are shocked when He does so as if He was sitting there waiting for things to fall apart rather than being the Gracious good God that the Bible teaches us He is.

It seemed providential that the new series that Lifechurch is doing is called Bold. We should be living bold lives that reflect Christ in all that we do so that others are influenced and encouraged by the boldness that we demonstrate for the Gospel. We have been praying not only for this boldness in our lives but praying bold prayers such as raising all the funds for Oklahoma. We wrestled whether we should pray for money in this situation and whether or not this is something we should pray for or if it is selfish because the money is ultimately for us but we believe this is something God is calling us to do and what He teaches us out of it is His will for us and we are seeking to be obedient to it. I think the fact that we are leaving the Maritimes to go over 4000 km away from anyone we know for the purpose of being discipled and grow more into our calling for ministry is pretty bold. We are excited to see this prayer continuing to be answered.

Natalee is looking forward to going she keeps asking when we are going to Oka-homa. Although she is a little disappointed that she won’t be able to make a snowman this winter, I don’t think she quite understands that although we get snow here in the winter they don’t really get any real amount of snow there.

We will be heading out in less than three weeks now. Hope you all will be praying as well that God would have His way in this whole process and that ultimately it is Him that receives the glory.


The Keezers



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