Oklahoma Bound!

Hello Y’all,

Yes I said y’all we are going south. It is hard to believe sometimes that us canadians are heading to Oklahoma. Some may ask why this little maritimers are going all that way. I can tell you it is not just to avoid winter. To help give you an idea I thought I should write a little bit about what it is that I (Chris) have been feeling lately about life and then about the anticipation of the opportunity we have to learn at lifechurch.tv at their Stillwater Oklahoma campus.

What can possibly be said about all this stuff that is happening in life right now. I often feel like I should be quoting Bilbo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings movie where he says so appropriately “I feel like butter scrapped over too much bread” is this all that life is to be though? Just an endless sea of overwhelmed and uncertain and unprepared.

I know that I do want more but I don’t even know what more is. I don’t know where we want to be what it is that I should be doing and how I am to even lead anything or anyone when I don’t seem to be able to lead myself. I speak with passion yet I feel sometimes that my life is passionless and that I become mundane and unmotivated to accomplish anything that I speak about. I am searching for excitement and distraction and yet I long for laziness and passivity. Is this duality or at least part of it normal and do I want to be normal? Am I seeking significance or distraction from finally taking up what it is that I need to be focused on. Will any passion about not being willing to settle be more because it is what God wants for our family or because I am still shirking responsibilities that I need to take seriously?

I have been wrestling with these things around what it means to lead not only family but in the Church. I want to see a Church that embraces the mission that we have been called to by Christ. I want to see how as our family embraces the call of ministry that we would see what it means to be mentored and discipled by people who get the mission who know what it means to lead. I have felt that although I can preach and speak of Biblical things that until that leads out into taking that truth and bringing it into the practical work of the church I feel lost. LeadershipXP  the program that we are going to engage in in Stillwater OK gives the chance to see these 4 things happen:

  • Leadership development
  • Spiritual development
  • Character development
  • Emotional intelligence

It is about us seeking what it means to be a missionary in North American culture and live and speak the truth of Christ in all that we do. Here is an excerpt from our support letter to help explain a little further.

Following my graduation from Acadia Divinity College and a two year position as Associate Pastor in a Convention Church I realized the need to further develop my gifts of ministry in light of the changing trends and how to effectively reach our world. We believe that the Church is in transition and creative and new methods of reaching our world for Christ are needed.  It is critical for the next generation coming up to have the opportunity to be introduced to Jesus in a way that they can embrace fully.   Strong, well trained leadership is needed and for this reason I have been seeking the Lord’s direction.

Therefore as we share this news with you we are asking that you would consider prayerfully partnering with us to make this happen. Where this is an apprenticeship program it is unpaid work. This means that we need to find a way to pay for things like housing, groceries and utilities for our family for the duration of the program (Sept. – May). You might like to consider sharing in this ministry opportunity with us by:

·       being one of 60 people who would sponsor us for $50 a month for 9 months (Sept – May)

·       being one of 120 people at $25 a month

·       or a one time contribution which would help in defraying cost as we will need a certain amount in lump sum to be able to pay for the initial transportation cost and tuition for the program.

Is this a long post YES, did I need to include the excerpt about the funds YES. If you feel like this is an opportunity for you please support us. We will be updating this blog throughout the journey to keep all you folks updated. So there it is have questions? comment or come to an info session at New Minas Baptist tonight at 6:30.

For His Glory

The Keezer’s


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