Potty Training and Sin

Bathroom throne
I know this may seem odd, however we have had a few accidents with Natalee as of late… (that pause was for many of you to pick up your jaw off the floor). Though we were proudly saying just days ago how long it had been since she peed in her pants or bed or on the floor, etc. Natalee seems to have started having accidents on a daily basis again. Sometimes the question is what discipline is appropriate so as to encourage her to go in the toilet yet not so harsh as to scare her to the point where she hides the accident and us finding it happens due to the mysterious odour that stats creeping out from and unknown location.

The comparison that seems to come to mind is about the sin in our lives, no I am not saying that toilet time is a sin or what comes out of you is some kind of demon. Sin is something that we often try to overcome in our lives, often by our own human effort. What we know about sin is that it is not something overcome on our own strength sin itself is in our fallen nature as people  inherited from our father Adam, what we truly need is to accept the second Adam, Christ and understand that through Him and because of Him we are more than conquerers and we are no longer under condemnation Rom 8. Despite these truths and how often we spout them off we still attempt to change who we are and our tendencies on our own strength. How often do we believe we have put sin to death but it creeps back up and we are involved in the same sins we thought we had defeated and what we see is that puddle on the floor that we try and hide from our heavenly Father instead of confessing and seeking our Fathers strength to move to repentance and see it defeated because of His strength and goodness so we may not boast but that others would see God glorified in all of our life including our failures.


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